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Exam Recognition

exam recognition

Due to the faculty reorganisation, the information on this page will be updated as soon as possible. In the meantime, you can find information about your study programme in the section of your former faculty.

If you need to get the exams of a previous study career or of international exchange semesters recognised, you must apply in Cockpit.

  1. During the online procedure, you'll need to insert the passed exams, upload the related exam certificates (or self-declarations) and pay the virtual stamp.
  2. The responsible academic body of the Faculty will evaluate your request and - in case of a previous study career -  decide to which study year you can enrol.
  3. You will be informed via e-mail or Cockpit notification about the outcome of your request.

Please check with your Faculty Secretariat if there is a maximum of credit points that can be recognised.



Additional info for Master students

If you are a Master student with a 4 or 5 year Bachelor, you can ask for exams recognition of your previous career up to a maximum of 16 Credit Points.

This recognition is part of the Study Plan and you have to discuss and agree it with your Tutor (former Study Plan Advisor) in October-November or in March-April (see Modifications of Study Plans and Individual Study Plans).

The Tutor will:

  • contact the lecturers in charge of the exams recognition, asking for their approval
  • upon receipt of the approvals, inform you and the Faculty Secretariat in written form (e-mail) about the exam recognition, attaching the modified Study Plan to the e-mail