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Study Guide

Master in Computational Data Science and Master in Computer Science


In our Master Programmes a set of common mandatory courses ensures the delivery of fundamental competences, while curriculum-specific mandatory and optional courses convey specialist knowledge.

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The Master in Computational Data Science (active from 2018/19) offers two curricula:

The Master in Computer Science (active until 2017/18) offers two curricula:


Your Study Plan Advisor / Tutor

Each Master student has an individual Study Plan Advisors / Tutor.

Study Plan Advisors / Tutors are researchers of the Faculty that help you to get information and take decisions related to their study career. More details can be found under Tutoring.


Choosing and changing your Curriculum

When you enrol to the study course, you have to choose one of the two Curricula.

Should you wish to change to a different Curriculum, you may do so within your first year of study.

You have to use the following forms and the changes must be approved by your Tutor and by the Degree Course Committee:

optional courses

Adding and deleting optional courses in the study plan

You choose your optional courses from the lists of mandatory optional courses available for the current academic year. If you need help in the selection, you can consult your Tutor / Study Plan Advisor.

Before each exam session, you can add or delete the optional courses from your study plan by yourself in your Cockpit.

You will receive an e-mail when the compilation of the study plan opens.

Only after you have added the course to your study plan you will be able to enrol to its exam (see Exams enrolment and cancellation).

Students with an Individual Study Plan

If you have an Individual Study Plan, you have to make sure that the optional exams you choose are compatible with your approved Individual Study Plan; otherwise you have to ask your Tutor / Study Plan Advisor to change your Individual Study Plan accordingly.

Free Choice credit points

Free Choice credit points

"Free Choice" Credit points are the perfect opportunity to deepen your specialization, explore unusual facets of computer science or make up for gaps in your previous academic preparation. Therefore we invite you to consult your Tutor when making your choice.

To achieve your "Free Choice" Credit Points, you can choose:

  • any lecture of the Faculty of Computer Science
  • lectures of other Faculties previously approved by their Tutor
  • an Internship
  • a Capstone Project (Master in Computational Data Science only)

If you choose lectures of the Faculty of Computer Science:

  • well before the exam session, you have to hand in at the Faculty Secretariat a signed request letter with your name and student ID and the lecture title and code; this way the course can be added to your on-line study career and labeled "Free Choice".

If you choose lectures of another Faculty:

  • at least one month before the exam session you have to hand in at the Faculty Secretariat this form with your signature and the signature of your Tutor for approval. Before approving, the Tutor must evaluate if the chosen course is coherent with the study path of the degree course. Only then the course can be added to your study career
  • you have to arrange your attendance with the respective Faculty / Professor

If you choose an Internship:

  • you have to follow all deadlines and regulations set for internships

Free Choice courses offered by the Euregio Universities

For their Free Choice credits students may also choose courses offered at the University of Trento and at the University of Innsbruck.

NB: Due to the different structure of the programs, courses may not fit perfectly into the credit structure.

This is the list of courses that the Degree Course Committee has selected as suitable:

University of Trento

  • Big Data and Social Networks
  • Laboratory of Applied Robotics
  • Real-Time Operating Systems and Middleware

An overview of the courses at the University of Trento can be found here.

University of Innsbruck

  • Elective module: Computer Vision
  • Elective module: Vehicular Networks
  • Elective module: Advanced Compiler Construction

An overview of the courses at the University of Innsbruck is available here.

modification and individual study plans

Modifications of Study Plans and Individual Study Plans

You have the possibility to discuss your study plan or propose exam recognitions.

If you already took courses of your chosen Master curriculum during your Bachelor, you must always contact your Tutor / Study Plan Advisor in order to discuss the substitution of these courses.

Modifications of the regular study plan other that the one mentioned above mean that you leave the curriculum and switch to an Individual Study Plan, which then you must strictly follow.

All modifications to the study plans, Individual Study Plans and exam recognitions have to be agreed upon with the Tutor / Study Plan Advisor and approved by the Degree Committee of the Master.

You can ask your Tutor / Study Plan Advisor to modify your Individual Study Plans (add, delete or change exams) twice a year:

  • in October-November
  • in March-April

enrolments before 2018

Enrolments before 2018/19 - Master in Computer Science

If you enroled before 2018/19, you are enrolled in our previous Master in Computer Science. Some lectures might not be offered any more, but you still have the right to pass all the exams of your original study plan. If you plan to take an exam, please contact the Faculty Secretariat at the beginning of the semester: this allows us to let you have all the necessary information and organise the exam.

Please contact us also for all other questions on Study Plans and Study Career. Changes of  Study Plan can be made with the approval of the Degree Programme Committee.

If you have not taken many exams, we strongly encourage you to switch to our new Master in Computational Data Science: previous exams will be recognised as favourably as possible.

For general information see the Manifesto of Studies of your enrolment year below:

Students enroled from 2004/05 to 2008/09

If you enroled from 2004/05 to 2008/09, you are studying under the previous university legislation (DM 509/99). Please contact the Faculty Secretariat for questions on Study Plans and Study Career.