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Study Guide

Master in Software Engineering for Information Systems

Structure of the programme

Structure of the programme

Students can choose between a local curriculum completely offered at unibz or an international curriculum coordinated by the faculties of Computer Science of unibz, University of Oulu (Finland) and Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (Spain).

Study Plan - local curriculum

Study Plan - international curriculum

Course Offering


Study Plan Advisor / Tutor

Each Master student has an individual Study Plan Advisor / Tutor. These are researchers of the Faculty who help you to get information and take decisions related to your study career. More details can be found under Tutoring.

Courses: Alternatives from Catalogue and Free Choice

Courses: Alternatives from Catalogue and Free Choice

You can add or delete the optional courses from your study plan by yourself in your Cockpit.

The student can freely move forward or backward Free choice credits and can choose courses that have an exam with a grade or a pass and fail score.

Before each exam session, only after you have added the courses to your study plan, you will be able to enrol to the exams (see Exams enrolment and cancellation).

To achieve your "Free Choice" Credit Points, you can choose:

  • any lecture of the Faculty of Computer Science;
  • lectures of other Faculties approved by the Tutor (you have to arrange your attendance with the respective Faculty / Professor); or
  • an Internship for 6 or 12 credit points (following all deadlines and regulations set for internships)

The Tutors collect the required courses by email. They must evaluate if the chosen courses are compatible with the study plan of the degree programme. Once the Tutor has approved them, the faculty secretariat can add them to the student’s study plan.

Change of Study Program and Modification of Individual Study Plan

Change of Study Program and Modification of Individual Study Plan

Change of study program, all modifications to the individual study plans, and exam recognitions have to be agreed in advance with the Tutor / Study Plan Advisor and approved by the Degree Committee of the Master.

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