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Orientation and tutoring at unibz

The orientation and tutoring activities at unibz are regulated in Article 19 of the General Study Regulations.

In particular, paragraph 3 states that:

The faculties establish, for each course of study, a tutoring service for the welcoming and supporting of students, in order to prevent dispersion and delay in studies and to promote a fruitful active participation in university life in all its forms.

Here below you can read how our Faculty has implemented this directive.


Master: Tutoring and orientation

Personal tutoring

Each Master student has an individual Tutor (formerly known as Study Plan Advisor).

Tutors are researchers of the Faculty that help you to get information and take decisions related to your study career.

These are the situations in which you may want to / have to contact your Tutor:

and on any other study related matter.

The name and contact of their Tutor is sent to newly enrolled students via e-mail at the beginning of the academic year.

Orientation and team building online

In order to communicate more informally and directly with students and the external environment, the Faculty maintains a presence on different social networks:

In particular, the Facebook page is linked to different Facebook groups dedicated to the different cohorts of students. These groups are created as soon as students are selected trough the rank list, so that students can start sharing information and building a community feeling even before starting their studies. NB: If you are a student and would like to join the group of your cohort, please just ask to join on the relevant Facebook group page.

On both our Facebook and our LinkedIn you can also find interesting job opportunities.

Peer Tutoring

As of the academic year 2020/21, the Faculty of Computer Science will offer a peer tutoring service for freshers. Students have been informed via email about the possibility to become peer tutors.

The selected peer tutors are:

  • Angelina Dibenedetto Pavynska – Informatics and Management
  • Alessio Crea – Informatics and Management
  • Riccardo Rigoni – Computer Science
  • Andrè Wendland – Computational Data Science
  • Luca Taddeo – Computer Science
  • Andrea Perri – Computer Science