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Study Guide

Internships for Graduates

Unibz promotes graduate traineeships in order to facilitate professional choices through direct knowledge of the world of work, to define one's own professional project and to create job placement opportunities. These traineeships are aimed at graduates within 12 months of obtaining their degree.

Graduate traineeships do not constitute an employment relationship, do not include a probationary period and have a maximum duration of six months (including extensions). All trainees must receive a minimum participation allowance from the host entity, defined by the region/province where the traineeship takes place.

The regulatory competence for extracurricular traineeships, in fact, lies with the region; therefore, the provisions in force in the region where the traineeship takes place must be followed in order to activate a traineeship. Given the special requirements, students/graduates interested in activating an internship after graduation should contact the Career Service well in advance to check whether unibz can act as a promoter in the region in which the internship is to take place and to obtain the start of the activation procedures in good time.

Extra-curricular traineeships also require an agreement between the host company and unibz and a training project to be approved by the academic tutor.

The academic tutor verifies the consistency of the internship training project with the degree course curriculum and guarantees the professional  value of the internship. For extracurricular traineeships, the academic tutor must coincide with the course director or with a professor/ contract lecturer/researcher/research fellow identified/delegated by the course director.

The company tutor, on the other hand, will be appointed by the contact person of the host company and is responsible for supporting the trainee for the entire duration of the placement. The company tutor preferably carries out work activities corresponding to those of the trainee.

In the case of traineeships abroad, students nearing the end of their studies can apply for an Erasmus+ for Traineeship grant. The application and selection must take place before graduation.

Graduates can view internship offers from unibz partner companies and institutions and apply directly via the Career Hub.