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Student Elections


The elections are called every year in March/April with the Rector's decree (every two years for the equal opportunities committee) and are usually held in April/May.


Who can vote, who can be elected (active and passive electors)

All students who are regularly enrolled in the academic year in which the elections take place have the right to vote and can be elected:

  • For the University Council, the Academic Senate and Advisory Board for Equal Opportunities: all students of unibz, PhD students included
  • For the Faculty Councils: students enrolled in the respective Faculty, PhD students included
  • For the Degree Councils: students enrolled in the respective course
  • For the Lecturer's Committee of the PhD Programmes: students enrolled in the respective PhD Programme

Those students enrolled in a qualifying, training or 1st/2nd level master course and students suspended from studies because of disciplinary measures or prosecution are not entitled to be elected and cannot vote.

How to be a candidate

The formalities and deadline for the submission of candidate lists are described in the Election Rules. Students are informed by email the day of publication of the Rector's decree.

How to vote

The election is done through a telematic voting system. Students can cast vote even abroad. Technical requirements:

  • a Computer with internet connection (supported browser versions: Internet Explorer 8 or newer, Chrome 30 or newer, Firefox 24 or newer, Safari 5 or newer)
  • authentication with username/password
  • please hold your student card ready

You can give only one preferential vote for each body.

E-VOTE Guide

Go to the E-VOTE


Numero dei rappresentanti per organo

  • Consiglio dell'Università: 1 rappresentante
  • Senato accademico: 2 rappresentanti, uno dei quali della Facoltà di Scienze della Formazione
  • Consiglio di Facoltà: 2 rappresentanti
  • Consiglio di Corso: 1 rappresentante
  • Comitato per le pari Opportunità: 1 rappresentante
  • Comitato dei docenti dei corsi di dottorato: 1 rappresentante

C.N.S.U. Election

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