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Study Guide

Tuition Fees

Tuition fees for the academic year 2023/24

Up to one year after the normal length of their programme

  • 1st installment: € 764* by 13 October 2023
  • 2nd installment: € 600 by 31 March 2024

From the second year after the normal length of the programme

  • 1st installment: € 1064* by 13 October 2023
  • 2nd installment: € 600 by 31 March 2024

* includes the € 164 provincial tax for the right to study.

Further information is available in the Tuition Fees Regulation (Italian/German only).


If you have a disability recognized under article 3, paragraph 1, of Law No 104/1992, or an invalidity up to or exceeding 66%, you are eligible for total exemption from fees: by the payment deadline for the first instalment, forward the certificate issued by the health authority to the Student Office. You will only pay the EUR 16 revenue stamp.

If you are a foreign student in receipt of a grant from the Italian government, you are eligible for total exemption from fees on request. You will only pay the EUR 16 revenue stamp.

Study Grants and subsides

If you are enroled in a bachelor or master programme and are a grant holder of the Autonomous Province of South Tyrol, you will receive the reimbursement of the fees paid for the academic year. Any fines due to late payment will not be reimbursed.

Please note: if you are enrolled in a post-graduate programme, you are not eligible for a reimbursement of university fees.
Further information is available here.


  1. The Student Office invites you by e-mail to pay the 1st or 2nd instalment of the tuition fees.
  2. You pay the fees with the pagoPA payment slip.

Consequences in case of delayed or missing payment

Delayed payment will result in a fine (30 Euro) being levied.

In case of delayed payment your online account will automatically be blocked. As a result, you will not have access to mySNS and you will not be able to enrol for exams, nor transfer to another university or to another programme.

In these cases please contact the Student Office.

Payment receipts

Here you can download your receipts as pdf files.

Special cases

Enrolment for students who are “fuori corso”

If you exceed the normal lenght of your programme, your status will be "fuori corso". From the second year as "fuori corso", you have to pay tuition fees with a 300 EUR surcharge. In order to calculate the fees, the repeated years will also be counted.

In the event that, due to the recognition of previous studies, you had been enrolled in the second year or higher, the missing years will also be counted.

Interruption years (entire academic years are concerned) will not be considered in calculation. The fee increase does not apply to PhD students or students who attend the "Zusatzausbildung für den Integrationsunterricht".

Conclusion of studies by October

If you intend to sit your final exam by 31 October, you do not have to pay the fees for the new academic year.

Conclusion of studies by March

If you intend to sit your final exam after October and by 31 March, please go to the payment page and select the option "I will graduate by 31 March": you will be asked to pay a virtual duty stamp of 16 EUR.

If you do not pass or postpone the exam, you are required - at the expiration of the 2nd instalment - to pay the entire year fees with the fine for delayed payment.


If you are Freemover at another university in the first semester, by the 31 March you must pay the second instalment and the provincial tax.

If you are a Freemover for the first and second semester, you are not required to pay for the whole academic year.

Transfer to the new study regulation (i.e. from M.D. 509 to M.D. 270)

If you transfer from a programme of the old study regulation to a programme of the new one (M.D. 270 2004), you shall fill in the transfer application and submit it at the beginning of the academic year.

Interruption and suspension of studies

Relevant information is available in the Tuition fees regulation (Italian/German only).

Dropping out, interruption of studies and exclusion

If you drop out of a programme, interrupt your studies or are excluded from studies, you are not entitled to reimbursement of fees.