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Study Guide

Recognition of Work Experience


As an alternative to the internship required by your study programme, you may request that your work experience is taken into account and attributed credits towards your degree.

A prerequisite to receiving internship credits for your work experience is that the latter is relevant to the objectives of your study programme. The decision to attribute internship credits to your work experience is made by the Course Council of each Faculty.

Requirement: 1-month work experience = 1 CP. If for example, the internship required by your degree programme attributes 6 credit points, your work experience must be 6 months at least.

Faculty of Economics and Management

Faculty of Economics and Management

Students must apply online. The application form requires a mandatory tax stamp of € 16 to be paid with PagoPA.

The online applications must entail the following elements and has to be uploaded in PDF format within the section „SYLLABUS OF THE ORIGINAL EXAM“:

  • Short description regarding the work experience and working field to be recognized,
  • General description of the performed activities and responsibilities,
  • Learned skills/ acquired knowledge. Reflection about gained knowledge referred to your study course,
  • Indicate whether the company is led directly or indirectly by a parent/family member, or by the applicant,
  • Length of the experience, total amount in month.


Confirmation under „EXAM CERTIFICATE“ as PDF to be uploaded:

Working experience in the private sector:

a confirmation regarding duration and type of work, must be issued by the employer.


Working experience in the public sector:

a self-declaration (dichiarazione sostitutiva) regarding duration and type of work must be provided.


Application deadlines:

  • 13.11.2020
  • 22.02.2021
  • 07.05.2020
  • 27.08.2021


Faculty of Computer Science

Faculty of Computer Science

Students must apply online by uploading a certification by the employer regarding duration and type of work. In case of work experience with public employers, a self-declaration must be uploaded.

Faculty of Science and Technology

Faculty of Science and Technology

Students have to hand in the application form with a € 16 tax stamp at the Career Service.

Students must submit a certificate from their employer regarding duration of the experience to be recognized with their online application (in the case of work experience in the public sector, this certification must be replaced by a self-certification).

Application Form