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Study Guide

Recognition of Work Experience


Past work experience can be recognized in place of the internship required by the curriculum. A basic condition for recognition is the relevance of the content of the work for the course. This relevance is checked by the Course Council. In most cases, work experience in the parental company or in a company run by family members cannot be recognised, for example for all students of the Bachelors at the Faculty of Economics and Management. It is advisable for students of all study programmes to clarify this aspect with the degree course director before submitting their application.

Basic requirement for recognition: 1 month of work experience = 1 credit to be recognized. If e.g. for the internship, according to the curriculum, 6 credits are attributed, the minimum work experience must be of 6 months.

Applications are made online for all students (with the exception of students of the Faculty of Agricultural, Environmental and Food Sciences, who must submit their application directly to the Career Service).

All applications for recognition are subject to a tax stamp (16 €), to be paid via PagoPA (with the exception of applications from students of the Faculty of Agricultural, Environmental and Food Sciences, who must affix a corresponding tax stamp directly to the above-mentioned form). N.B. Payment of the tax stamp via the PagoPA system is only possible once the application has been submitted online.

The application must contain the following elements

(upload as PDF in "Syllabus" of the application form - see tutorial):

  • Brief description of work experience and work environment;
  • General description of the activities performed and responsibilities;
  • Skills/knowledge gained. Reflection on the skills acquired in relation to the course content;
  • Indication of whether the company is managed directly or indirectly by a family member or by the applicant;

(As an upload in "Certificate" of the application form - see tutorial)

  • A confirmation of the period and length of work experience in months: issued by the company, in the case of private employers; as a self-declaration, in the case of employers in the public sector.

Application online - procedure - tutorial:

N.B about the tutorial:

Within the application mask, the specific internship code of the internship that you want to replace with recognition must be entered in the "Code" field. Please refer to:

Within the application mask, enter the intended credits for this internship in the "Mark" field and enter the intended internship hours in the "Hours" field