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Erasmus+ and Bilateral Agreements

unibz students – after being selected according to a specific call for applications – can access the following study exchange programmes (generally for one or two semesters in an academic year) at partner universities compatible with their bachelor or master programme:

  • The Erasmus+ Study Mobility Programme:
    This programme allows unibz students to spend a study period at universities abroad, which have signed a cooperation agreement with unibz. The duration of the stay is one or two semesters, according to the agreement signed with the partner university. The programme is promoted by the European Commission.
    The financial grant ranges between 250 and 350 Euro per month, depending on the country of destination. Additionally, each semester is supplemented by a 500 Euro lump sum from unibz.
  • The “Bilateral Agreements” Programme:
    The “Bilateral agreements” programme is promoted and funded by unibz. Financing provides for a semester lump sum of 2,000 or 2,750 Euro (depending on the country of destination) for stays at Non-EU / Non-Erasmus universities and a 1,750 Euro semester lump sum for stays at partner universities in Italy.
  • The Swiss Mobility Programme:
    The programme provides for study opportunities in Switzerland – which is not participating in the Erasmus+ Programme -, at universities which have signed a cooperation agreement with unibz.
    The financing of the mobility periods is borne by the Swiss universities (roughly 400 Euro per month). unibz supplements the grant with a semester lump sum of 500 Euro.
  • Advantages connected to the exchange status:
    unibz students participating in an exchange are exempted from university fees at the host university. They are granted access to the full spectrum of services and facilities offered by the host university, equivalent to those provided to local students. Financial grants, as well as formal recognition of studies pursued at the host university, are also integral aspects of this status.

When to apply:

The relevant call for applications providing all necessary information regarding procedures and timelines is usually published each year in late January/early February.
Upon publication of the call for applications, unibz students can apply by the closing date set out in the call. Generally, the call remains open for about one month.
For more information about the application process or the steps to follow before and during your mobility, please refer to the sections below:

To have the opportunity to participate in the exchange mobility, it is necessary to apply according to the information contained in the documents below and adhere to the indicated deadline. Please carefully review these documents.

Consult the Exchange Possibilities Portal to find the partner universities of unibz for the academic year 2024/25: Partner Universities Search (step-by-step instruction)

Selection criteria 2024/25

The evaluation by Faculty Committees is based on credits, mark average and motivation/study project.
Further specific criteria for your Faculty can be found below:

Calendar Deadlines 2024/25

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