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Study Guide

Campus Card


The Student card proves your identity as a student of the unibz and also works as a user card in the University Library. The card cannot be ceded to others.

You can use the Student card on the University premises as a means of payment: at the vending machines selling snacks and drinks, in the University canteen and bar, for photocopying and in the library (NB: The only possibility to pay in the canteen is with the Student card).

The Student card has a validity. If you have duly paid the tuition fees, you can extend the validity of your card at the automatic machines which are located in the University Library and in the Student Secretariat.

If your card does not work:

  1. Please contact the Student Secretariat.
  2. If your card is damagend or broken you can request a new one.

Have you lost your Student card or was it stolen? Block it online.

You can then ask for a new card at the Student Secretariat. The cost to replace a card is € 20. Any credit you had on your old card will be transferred to the new one.

Application form for a new Student Card