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Transfer to other Italian University

  1. Please check the deadlines and other conditions for transfer set by the other university.
  2. Pay the transfer fee (100 euro + 16 euro duty stamp) and deliver the transfer application with the payment receipt to the Student secretariat by 30 November of each year.
  3. The Student Secretariat will send your documents ("discharge form") to the university where you will transfer.

NB: You cannot transfer in your first year of studies.

Transfer to another course at unibz

  1. Apply by the deadline as a prospective student.
  2. If you are admitted in the ranklist, you have to enrol by the deadline.
  3. In the autumn exam session you have the possibility to sit exams in your course of origin.
  4. Once the transfer has been processed, if you wish to shorten your university career, you must apply for exam recognition.

NB: Transferring to the new degree course must be done in compliance with the current language requirements.

Regulation for transfers at unibz (Italian/German only)

Transfer to another major at unibz (only Bachelor in Design and Art)

Application form (deadline: 31/08/2021)

Decree of the Course Council No. 06/2021: Criteria for the transfer to another major within the Bachelor in Design and Art for the academic year 2021/22

Available places acad. year 2021/22 - art major: 2
Available places acad. year 2021/22 - design major: 3

For information, please contact Raffaella Fusina via e-mail (, phone (0471/015007) or Teams.

Transfer to another curriculum (Faculty of Economics and Management)

Application form (it/de) (deadline: 12/11/2021)

For information, please contact:
Elena Borile via e-mail ( or Teams to know more about LM-77 Accounting and Finance
Alessandra Volpato via e-mail ( or Teams to know more about LM-63 Public Policies and Administration
Marina Fattor via e-mail ( or Teams to know more about L-33 Economics and Social Sciences

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