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Study Guide

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Study Plan

Mandatory Optional Courses

Mandatory Optional Courses

If the study regulations require it, you must select the mandatory optional courses. 

  1. At the beginning of each semester, you will receive a specific e-mail from the Faculty Secretariat with the list of mandatory optional courses.
  2. Between the deadlines set by the Faculty you can select/change your mandatory optional courses through mySNS.
  3. Only after having added the course to your study plan, you will be able to enroll for the corresponding exam.
  4. If you need more information please contact the Faculty Secretariat.

Free Choice Courses (Optional)

Free Choice Courses (Optional)

All students (Bachelor + Master) must earn credit points on optional (free choice) courses during their studies. These courses may include:

  • optional courses offered by the faculty
  • compulsory courses
  • additional language courses
  • courses offered by other faculties (if coherent with the educational project)

The procedure for adding optional (free choice) courses to your study plan is the same as for mandatory optional courses described up above.