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Study Guide

Summer Schools (Faculty of Economics and Management)

See criteria for recognition as approved with resolution 02/2017 of the Faculty Council:

  • Summer Schools should be organised by universities (institutions recognised at international level);
  • in order to be recognised by the Faculty, every exam taken during a Summer School has to be previously authorised by a Learning Agreement;
  • the exams taken during Summer Schools should be free choice courses and will be recognised as optional or extra curricular courses only;
  • the passed exam should be assigned a mark or the indication passed/fail, ECTS credits and the total of hours of frontal lectures;
  • a university certification should be issued;
  • Summer Schools within the master programmes programmes must be at master level;
  • Bachelor in PPE: Summer School activities cannot be included in the 20 ECTS that must be achieved abroad.

Once you have been accepted by the host university, you have to submit the following documents and information to the Faculty Secretariat (Campus Bozen-Bolzano:  – Bruneck-Brunico:

  • Learning Agreement
  • List of the courses that you will attend at the host university, indicating name, place, total hours of the Summer School
  • Description of the course content (in Italian, German or English)
  • Description of the degree level (Bsc. or Msc.)
  • Kind of final assessment
  • ECTS points that will be awarded.

If your proposal of equivalence is feasible, the Secretariat will send you an email with a scan of your Learning Agreement signed by the professor in charge.

If your proposal of equivalence is not feasible, the Secretariat will send you an email and you will have the possibility to hand in a new proposal.

Once returned from your stay abroad you have to do an exam recognition request by inserting and uploading the requested data and documents* in the dedicated section in my SNS.

*If you studied at a foreign university, please upload the original ToR (Transcript of Records). If you studied at another Italian university, please do not upload the original ToR, but a substitutional self-declaration regarding exams taken with indication of the mark, exam date, exam name.


Information about course selection and their conversion