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Study Guide

Freemover/Visiting students


As a free mover you do not take part in an institutional exchange programme, you choose a host university instead, organizing your stay autonomously.

PLEASE NOTE: No financial grants are envisaged for this type of mobility, but you will not have to pay tuition fees at unibz for the semester of your mobility.

In order to start a mobility as a free mover you need to:

  • obtain the authorization from your faculty through the approval of a learning agreement
  • obtain the admission acceptance of your host university

Deadlines and application

First of all please read carefully the Free Mover Handbook (updated on 10/08/2022) and the Instructions for Applying and afterwards fill out the Application Form.

Application form 2022/23 - First semester

The Application Form has to be filled out at least one month before the start of your activities at the host university and, in any case,

  • no later than 15 September for a mobility in the first semester;
  • no later than 15 February for a mobility in the second semester.

Please note that, while filling out the application form, you will be requested to upload a copy of your learning agreement signed by you and your Faculty. 


Further information for the students of the Faculty of Economics and Management