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If you want to sit an exam you must enrol online for it!

In order to enrol, you will be asked to complete the course evaluation. This is required by the Ministry and is part of the Quality Assurance Process of Italian universities. The evaluation is your chance to tell us if the course is well structured or not and if professor is doing a good job or not. It is completely anonymous and the data are aggregated, so do not be afraid to be honest: you will help us to improve!

If you  are not able to enrol for an exam please check this possible reasons

  • the deadline (5 days before the exam) has expired
  • you have not certified the official teaching language of the course at the B1 level
  • you have already sat that exam twice in the same academic year
  • the exam is not in your “study career”
  • you have not paid your tuition fees

Should none of the above-mentioned reasons apply, please contact the Faculty Secretariat immediately!    

Exam Regulation

Exam sessions

The Academic Year is divided in two semesters:

  • 1st semester (October-January)
  • 2nd semester (February-June)

During the academic year there will be 3 exam sessions. Despite this, students only have 2 exam attempts per course within an academic year.

Winter session (December/January/February)

  • 1st call for 1st semester courses
  • 3rd call for 2nd semester courses of the previous academic year

Summer session (May/June/July)

  • 1st call for 2nd semester courses
  • 2nd call for 1st semester courses

Autumn session (September)

  • 2nd call for 2nd semester courses
  • 3rd call for 1st semester courses

The best strategy is to try the exam only when you feel prepared, so you do not waste one exam session. Also remember that positive grades are automatically registered and you cannot refuse a low grade: therefore, if you want to keep a good grade average, be sure to study well.

After the 3 exam sessions of the academic year have passed, you will have to study the content required for the course of the new academic year (there might be changes in the syllabus, in the assessment or in the lecturer).

Practical information on exams and enrolment

Exams of modular courses

Some important courses are divided into two modules (M1- M2) and consist therefore of two partial exams offered throughout the academic year. Please read carefully the information below concerning enrolment.

Enrolment is necessary if

  • you intend to take the overall exam (M1 and M2) / or get the overall exam mark registered.
  • single modular exams have been passed in advance throughout the same academic year (if this is the case, you only need to complete the missing part /module during this overall exam)
  • you want to write only one module although you have already attended the whole course (if so, the overall exam will be valuated as “not passed”  whereby the positive result of the single module maintains the validity until the 3rd exam call. After this the result of the modular exams will be cancelled.)

Please keep in mind that the enrolment to the overall exam of modular courses is necessary, regardless of whether you intend to take the overall exam (M1 and M2), the exam of one single module (either M1 or M2) or if you need to get the overall exam mark registered (after having completed both parts). 

Registration is equally required if you have passed the exam of one single module in advance and only need to complete the missing part/ module during the overall exam. 

On that note, please consider that whenever you take the exam of one single module, the overall exam will be valuated as “not passed” whereby the positive result of the single module maintains its validity until the third exam call in January/February.

After this 3rd exam call the results of single modular exams will be cancelled.*

*although every course has three exam calls throughout the academic year, every student has only two exam attempts per course within an academic year!

Only for the winter session the rule is: Students who have been attending the lectures of only ONE module (M1) of a complete modular course and want to take ONLY the intermediate exam of that single module (modular exam M1) at the end of the winter semester, DON’T need to register for the overall exam (which takes place contemporaneously with the intermediate exam!).

The overall exam (M1 + M2) is only offered for those students who have already attended both parts of the modular course (M1 and M2) in 20/21 (= third call a.y.20/21). However, keep in mind that, generally speaking, the enrolment to exams of modular courses is NECESSARY whenever you intend to take the overall exam (M1 and M2), one single module of the overall exam (either M1 or M2) / or to get the overall exam mark registered (after having completed both parts).

PS: The intermediate/Modular Exam M1 takes normally place contemporaneously with the overall exam M1_M2.

Validity of results of intermediate/modular exams

Marks of Exams completed at another University during Erasmus+/Free Mover/Bilateral Agreements and recognised as an intermediate/modular exam, maintain their validity (=Partial recognition).

ATTENTION: If you hold a partial recognition, you still need to register for the overall exam and be physically present during the exam (M1_M2) in order to get the mark of an overall Exam registered. (even if both parts have already been completed.

Example: you have done the Modular Exam of M1 Diritto Pubblico at the end of the 1st semester 2015/2016 – in the 2nd semester 2015/2016 you have been abroad and you have done an equivalent exam for the modular exam Diritto Privato: you have to enrol for the official exam in September 2016 or in January 2017 in order to get the overall mark – otherwise you will loose the mark for the modular exam of M1 Diritto Pubblico)

Enrolment and cancellation

You have to enrol online for each exam you want to sit: exams sat without enrolment are not valid. You will receive an e-mail when enrolments open (usually one month before each exam session).

The deadline for enrolment and cancellation of enrolment is five working days before the exam date (exam date and Sundays are not considered). Therefore:

  • exam on Monday enrolment deadline on Tuesday
  • exam on Tuesday enrolment deadline on Wednesday
  • exam on Wednesday enrolment deadline on Thursday
  • exam on Thursday enrolment deadline on Friday
  • exam on Friday enrolment deadline on Saturday
  • exam on Saturday enrolment deadline on Sunday


Cancellation of enrolment to exams

If you decide not to take an exam for which you are already enrolled, you must cancel your enrolment on-line.

If you forget to cancel the enrolment and don’t show up at the exam please be aware that this will count as an attempt!

The deadline for the cancellation of enrolment is the same as for enrolment (FIVE working days before the exam date)


In this case you have to send an e-mail to the Faculty of Economics and Management by the day the examination takes place. What is more you have to hand in a valid medical certificate, which explicitly identifies the days on which you were ill within a week after the exam date.

Certification of attendance to exams (working students)

If you are a working student and need to hand in a certification of attendance to an exam to your employer, you can download and print this form and ask the lecturer to sign it.

Copy of exams

You can have a copy of your exams by submitting this form within 60 days from the end of the exam session following the proper procedure as described in the form.

Alternatively you can meet the professor during the office hours offered about 14 days after the exam date. Please check the timetable online.