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Issue of Certificates

Issue of Certificates

If you need to certify that you have attended courses and/or passed language exams organized by the Language Centre, you must use the pre-filled self-declaration form: just print it out, check the data it contains and sign it.

Please note that the language levels reached by students by the end of their studies have been certified in the Diploma Supplement since July 2019. More information can be found in the Study Guide > Graduation > Faculty > Diploma.
If you graduated before July 2019, you may request a certificate (no "marca da bollo" required).

On written request, the Language Centre may issue certificates by filling in a certificate form for the following uses only:

  • for private persons in Italy;
  • abroad (except for Erasmus students who have to contact the Language Centre);
  • for the purposes of issuing and renewing residence permit.

As provided for by Presidential Decree no. 642/1972 and subsequent modifications, in these cases both the certificates and the requests for issue must be accompanied, from the outset, by a revenue stamp of the value in force (16.00 euros). So you have to buy 2 revenue stamps to 16.00 euros each.

In the cases of exemption from revenue stamp provided for by the regulations, the applicant is not required to affix the stamp, neither on the application for issue, nor on the certificate.

When submitting the request, you  must clearly indicate the use for which the certification is intended.