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Language Advising

Language Advising

It offers personalized advice:

  • to help you become an indipendent learner of English, German and Italian
  • to improve your language-learning strategies 
  • to define clear and achievable learning goals
  • It doesn't make up for missed classes, it isn't a private individual lesson an it isn't a way to prepare for an exam.

The whole UNIBZ community can take advantage of language advising. The service is free of charge and can be offered on campus or online.

How does language advising work?

  • The advising sessions of the Language Centre are held by language teachers who have been specifically trained.
  • The sessions are tailored to meet each student's individual needs.
  • In the first session your advisor will address the student's learning biography and learning objectives to develop a plan for independent learning.
  • Students will be required to record their learning activities and progress in a logbook and participate in a series of advising sessions to monitor compliance with the learning plan defined in the first session.
  • A final evaluation will take place in the last session and - if needed - further learing goals will be identified.

Further information

Book an online appointment with the scientific and didactic collaborators for English, Italian and German:

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You can also contact them via e-mail: