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Interships for other study programmes

General Information

Students and graduates of the Bachelor in Communication and Culture, the Master in Innovation and Research for Social Work and Social Education, the Master in Musicology and of the Master in Applied Linguistics can choose between different types of internships:

  • Curricular internships with ECTS credit points, which require a minimum amount of internship hours
  • Curricular internships with no ECTS credit points
  • Extracurricular internships with no ECTS credit points (post laurea)

N.B. Extracurricular internships outside of the Autonomous Province of Bozen-Bolzano are subject to special regulations. Please contact the Career Service for advice.

With few exceptions, internships for graduates outside of Italy are activated within the Erasmus+ Traineeship programme. Please inform yourself early enough about the respective deadlines.


As required by your study programme, you can undertake an internship that can last up to a maximum of 12 months. The minimum length is two weeks. Extracurricular internships can be carried out within 12 months after graduation for a minimum duration of 2 months and a maximum one of 6.

Academic Tutor and Company Tutor

During your internship you will be supervised by a company tutor appointed by the hosting institution and by an academic tutor from your faculty. Any lecturer, researcher or PhD student at unibz can be your academic tutor.

See Regulation (in German or Italian)


During your internship in Italy and abroad, our insurance covers you against work-related accidents and third-party liability. For internships carried out abroad, the insurance coverage is valid all over the world.

Past Internship Experiences

Every year the Career Service is conducting a survey about the internship experiences of unibz students. Have a look at the results of 2020.

Steps and Forms

Step by Step to the Internship

(N.B. The internship project must be created by the company in the Career Hub at least two weeks before the start date of the internship). 

  1. Find a company or institution in which you want to do your internship. Find opportunities here.
    Bachelor students must have acquired a minimum of 30 credit points before starting their mandatory internship (see art. 2 of the General Internship Regulation).
  2. Discuss all internship details with your referee in the company/institution. In particular, clarify all duties, procedures, competences, instruments, the duration, the location and the working hours.
  3. Find an academic tutor within your faculty (see art. 4 of the General Internship Regulation). N.B. In case of a graduate internship, the role of the academic tutor must be assumed by the degree course director, or a professor delegated by him or her. 
  4. Please register in the Career Hub (if you have not done so already).
  5. The company/institution will have to register in the Career Hub too, or login (if already registered) and proceed with creating the internship project. To do so, the company/institution needs: your tax number, matriculation number and the name of your academic tutor. 
    Guidelines for the hosting company on activation of an internship
  6. Prerequisite for the activation of your internship is the attendance of the general work safety course (4 hours). Without proof of completion of the general work safety course, we cannot approve or activate your internship.
  7. If you have already taken and completed the general work safety course, we ask you to fill out this self-declaration, sign it and upload it to the Career Hub (in document management).

    If you attended the mentioned course via unibz, then we already have your data in the system and you do not need to upload a self-declaration.

    If you have not completed the general work safety course either externally or through unibz, then you must complete the same BEFORE the internship begins. Instructions can be found online.

  8. Smartworking: Internships take place on site / in the company. At the explicit request of the host company, a mixed-mode internship is possible. Internships that take place entirely in smart working will not be approved.

    For mixed-mode internships, a specific declaration must be completed and uploaded to the Career Hub before the internship is activated.

  9. After the academic tutor and the Career Service have approved the internship project, you will receive further information via an automatic email from the Career Hub.

  10. Status of internships in the Career Hub:
    To be approved: The internship project is awaiting approval by the academic tutor and the Career Service.
    Approved not active: The internship project was approved but still needs to be activated. Activation is obtained by providing a signed copy of the internship project and copies of I.D. of company tutor and intern uploaded to the Career Hub.
    Active: All necessary procedures have been completed correctly and all documents are present. The internship can start on the scheduled date.

  11. If, during the internship, an extension or early termination is required, this can be requested by the company directly in the Career Hub.

On completion of your internship the following steps must be performed:

  1. On the final date of the internship the company tutor and intern both receive an automatic invitation (link) to evaluate the internship.
  2. Your final report must be uploaded to the Career Hub by you through the specific function of: document administration > add document > final report. This step should be performed within a short period of time after completion of your internship.
  3. After completion of the internship evaluation by the company tutor and the intern, and after the internship report has been uploaded to the Career Hub (classified as “final report”), the academic tutor will also receive an automatic invitation to evaluate the internship.
  4. The Career Service registers the credits (if applicable) once all the previous steps have been completed. The internship will also be listed in the diploma supplement.

More information


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We have thoroughly checked these portals but cannot guarantee their quality and usefulness!

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