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Interships for other study programmes

General Information

Covid 19 - Internships

Internships are generally continued or started in teleworking. If the activities of the internship are not or only partially compatible with teleworking, the internship can be carried out on site, provided that a) local, national and foreign legal regulations allow it and b) strict safety precautions are observed.

If you want to start an internship please contact the Career Service  (

Students and graduates of the Bachelor in Communication and Culture, the Master in Innovation and Research for Social Work and Social Education, the Master in Musicology and of the Master in Applied Linguistics can choose between different types of internships:

  • Curricular internships with ECTS credit points, which require a minimum amount of internship hours
  • Curricular internships with no ECTS credit points
  • Extra-curricular internships with no ECTS credit points (post laurea)

Pay attention: extra-curricular internships outside of the Autonomous Province of Bozen-Bolzano are subject to special regulations. Please contact the Career Service for advice.

With few exceptions, internships for graduates outside of Italy are activated within the Erasmus+ Traineeship programme. Please inform yourself early enough about the respective deadlines.


As required by your study programme, you can undertake an internship that can last up to a maximum of 12 months. The minimum length is two weeks. Extra-curricular internships can be carried out within 12 months after graduation for a minimum duration of 2 months and a maximum one of 6.

Academic Tutor and Company Tutor

During your internship you will be supervised by a company tutor appointed by the hosting institution and by an academic tutor from your Faculty. Any lecturer, researcher or PhD student at unibz can be your academic tutor.

See Regulation (in German or Italian)


During your internship in Italy and abroad, our insurance covers you against work-related accidents and third-party liability. For internships carried out abroad, the insurance coverage is valid all over the world.

Past Internship Experiences

You can also have a look at the 2018 evaluation results regarding internship experience (in German or in Italian).

Steps and Forms

Activate an Internship Step by Step

  1. Find a company or institution in which you want to accomplish your internship. More opportunities here.
  2. Discuss all internship details with your referee in the company/institution. In particular, clarify all duties, procedures, instruments, the working period, the location and the working hours.
  3. Find an academic tutor within your faculty (see art. 4 of the General Internship Regulation).
  4. Please register in the Career Hub (if you have not done so already).
  5. The company/institution will have to register in the Career Hub or login (if already done) and proceed with creating a new internship project. To do so, the company/institution needs: your tax number, matriculation number and the name of your academic tutor.
  6. After approval of the internship project by the academic tutor and the Career Service, the internship project can be downloaded from the Career Hub and then signed by you and the company tutor.
    To activate the internship, a copy (scan) of the signed internship project must be uploaded via company profile in the Career Hub, together with the copies of the ID card of both signatories (student and company tutor). The upload has to be done at least one week before the internship starts.
    The original version of the internship project must be kept by the student.

  7. On completion of your internship, the company tutor, the academic tutor and you will automatically receive an email in order to provide the necessary online evaluations.
  8. Please make your final report available to the academic tutor by uploading it into the Career Hub (add attachment > document type "internship report").
  9. The Career Service will register the credit points (if applicable) as soon as points 7 and 8 are completed. The internship experience will also be registered on your diploma supplement.
  10. The company/institution can extend or interrupt any internship online in the Career Hub.

More information

Find an Internship

Internship Offers Portal

Have a look at our Career Hub to find internship offers.

Intership Offers Portal

South Tyrol Guide

If you are searching for an internship in South Tyrol, have a look to our Company Profiles Guide (in German or in Italian).

Useful links

As an additional resource for your research of an internship, please check the following links to useful portals in Italy or abroad:

We have thoroughly checked these portals but cannot guarantee their quality and usefulness!

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