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Study Guide

Work Safety

Work safety training (compulsory by law)

According to art. 2, art. 4 and art. 37 of the G.v.D. n. 81/2008, all students are obliged to attend a work safety training before entering didactic laboratories, workshops or computer laboratories or before beginning an internship.

The training is available on the e-learning platform OLE, which you can use at any time and from which you can download the certificate after the successful completion of the test.
The complete training (8 hrs.) is divided into two parts:

  • General training (4 hrs) - contents:
    • Occupational safety and health concepts: risk, harm, precautionary and protective measures.
    • Organisation of company precautionary measures
    • Rights, duties and sanctions for all company employees
    • Supervisory bodies
  • Specific training VDU (4 hrs.) - contents:
    The risks covered are those that are actually present in the company, in relation to the risk sector belonging to:
    • the VDU workplace
    • the electrical risk
    • the safety marking
    • the chemical risk
    • the use of ladders
    • manual handling of loads and repetitive movements
    • work-related stress
    • fire safety and emergency management in the workplace
  • Additional specific training for didactic laboratories and workshops (4 hrs):
    Before entering didactic laboratories or workshops, you will receive an invitation from your faculty for a compulsory participation in a third safety course. The contents are tailored according to the risk area.

How to enroll

How can I participate in e-learning work safety trainings?

General training in OLE (e-learning)

  • click on the following link:
    Selfenrolment key: TTJOz66P
  • after passing the test, you may download your certificate and save it in your files. Keep the document safe; the general training is valid indefinitely and is required by employers.

Specific training VDU in OLE (e-learning)

  • click on the following link:
  • Selfenrolment Key: pXEU$_4b
  • after passing the test, you may download your certificate and save it in your files. Keep the document safe; specific training is valid for 5 years (according to current regulations) and is required by employers. 

General and specific training form the basis for possible further training depending on the job profile. After 5 years there is a 6-hour refresher training.

The above-mentioned OLE courses are conducted in e-learning mode; they can be taken independently in several sessions without a fixed schedule; only the final test must be taken in one session. The minimum learning time indicated in the syllabus must be met, otherwise access to the next chapter will be blocked.

Students without a certificate attesting to their attendance of the above-mentioned training courses cannot, for safety reasons, access unibz teaching laboratories, workshops and computer laboratories, and cannot carry out an internship.

For more information please contact the Work Safetey Office via mail or via telephone +39 0471 011718.