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Study Guide


There is no compulsory attendance, but participation in classes is highly recommended.

The project and studio lectures take place from Monday afternoon to Wednesday evening. The language courses of the faculty as well as the lectures and specialised courses take place on Thursdays and Fridays.

Timetable: the timetable is online and updated in real time. We recommend that you check it regularly so that you are always up to date (with the location and time of each course).

We inform the students by e-mail only if the changes occur at very short notice: e.g. in case of delay or illness of the lecturer on the same day of the lecture.


Workshop courses

In order to gain access to the various workshops, you have got to follow the respective introductory courses to the workshops. Students of the Bachelor in Design and Art and students of the Master in Eco-social follow respectively at least five and three technical courses in the workshops over the course of the studies (introductory or specialisation courses).

You can choose from the following below.

Carpentry workshop

Woodworking techniques

Metal workshop

Techniques and processing of metals

Plastics workshops

Techniques and plastics processing

Digital modelling workshop

CAD/CAM/CNC/CAQ, rapid prototyping, rapid production

Print workshop

Serigraphy - relief printing and pad printing techniques

Cutting and binding workshop

Cutting and binding techniques

Photography workshop

Photographic techniques

Video workshop

Video techniques

Surface treatment workshop

Surface treatment (wood staining, wax, oil, varnish, etc.)

For information about the workshop courses, please contact