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Study Guide


You can register for the exams of the upcoming session in the my SNS.

Please note that the exam registration or cancellation must take place at least three working days before the exam date.

If you do not receive a confirmation e-mail, the exam registration has failed.

Please note, that through the student portal you also have to fill in a questionnaire of the evaluation of the course before you enrol to an exam.

This survey is mandatory and it is absolutely anonymous and linked to the exam registration. You can only register for the exam if you fill in the questionnaire. (Please pay attention that for the Project and Studio exams you have to fill in one questionnaire for each lecturer otherwise you cannot register).

If you have difficulties registering for the exams, please contact the Faculty Secretariat (by email, phone or personally) before the deadline. Later requests cannot be taken into consideration.

Important Information to check in preparation for the exams:

Important Information to check in preparation for the exams:

Certification of attendance to exams (working students)

If you are a working student and need to hand in a certification of attendance to an exam to your employer, you can download and print this form and ask the lecturer to sign it.