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Study Guide

Steps and Forms


Activate an Internship Step by Step

(N.B. The internship project must be created by the company in the Career Hub at least two weeks before the start date of the internship). 

  1. Find a company or institution in which you want to accomplish your internship. More opportunities here.
  2. Bachelor students must have achieved a minimum of 30 credit points before starting their mandatory internship (see art. 2 of the General Internship Regulation).
  3. Discuss all internship details with your referee in the company/institution. In particular, clarify all duties, procedures, competences, instruments, the working period, the location and the working hours.
  4. Find an academic tutor within your faculty (see art. 4 of the General Internship Regulation). In the case of a graduate internship, the role of the academic tutor must be assumed by the head of the course or a professor delegated by him. The Faculty of Economics always requires students to write and upload a motivation letter in Career Hub (please see the Faculty's Guidelines).
  5. Please register in the Career Hub (if you have not done so already).
  6. The company/institution will have to register in the Career Hub or login (if already done) and proceed with creating a new internship project. To do so, the company/institution needs: your tax number, matriculation number and the name of your academic tutor.
  7. The company and unibz will sign an internship agreement that defines the rights and obligations of the contractual partners and interns. Please read the agreement carefully, which you can view in the Career Hub, before signing the internship project.
  8. After approval of the internship project by the academic tutor and the Career Service, the internship project can be downloaded from the Career Hub and then signed by you and the company tutor.
    To activate the internship, a copy (scan) of the signed internship project must be uploaded to the Career Hub (together with a copy of the ID card of both signatories, student and company tutor). 
    The original version of the internship project must be kept by the student.

Status of internships in the Career Hub:
To be approved: The internship project is awaiting approval (by the academic tutor and the Career Service).
Approved not active: The internship project was approved but still needs to be activated in order to begin (all necessary requests must be fulfilled).
Active: All necessary procedures have been completed correctly and all documents are correct. The internship can begin on the scheduled date.

a) On completion of your internship, the company tutor, the academic tutor and you will automatically receive an email in order to provide the necessary online evaluations.

b) Please make your final report available to the academic tutor by uploading it into the Career Hub (add attachment > document type "internship report").

c) The Career Service will register the credit points (if applicable) as soon as points a) and b) are completed. The internship experience will also be registered on your diploma supplement.

d) The company/institution can extend or interrupt any internship online in the Career Hub.

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