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Study Guide

Student Representatives

Current Representatives

University Council

Eleonora Pizzini

Academic Senate

Simon Wieser, Salvatore Lauricella

Equal Opportunities Committee

Sonja Tetter

Faculty Councils

  • Education: Martina Vaia, Camilla Zorer
  • Computer Science: Luca Taddeo, Alessio Crea
  • Design and Art: Josefina Sundblad, Delilah Angel Friedman
  • Economics and Management: Arianna Tiozzo Pagio, Filippo Olivieri
  • Science and Technology: Ailyn Bulut, Clarice Cloutier

Course Councils

Economics and Management

  • L-18 Tourism, Sport and Event Management: ---
  • L-18 Economics and Management: Linda Spatz
  • L-33 Economics and Social Sciences: Francesca Giacco
  • LM-63 Economics and Management of the Public Sector: Matteo Paronetto
  • LM-77 Entrepreneurship and Innovation: Giacomo Giubilei
  • LM-77 Accounting and Finance: Slaven Dobenko


  • L-19 Social Education: Evi Ploner
  • L-20 Communication Sciences and Culture: Margherita Mescolotto
  • L-39 Social Work: ---
  • LM-85bis Primary Education: Eva Holzer
  • LM-39 Applied Linguistics: Katia Raineri
  • LM-45 Musicology: Alexander Pircher
  • LM-87 Innovation and research for social work and social education: ---

Computer Science

  • L-31 Computer Science: Sebastian Cavada
  • L-31 Informatics and Management of Digital Business: Angelina Dibenedetto Pavynska
  • LM-18 Computational Data Science: Diego Loiacono
  • LM-18 Software Engineering for Information Systems: ---

Science and Technology

  • L-9 Industrial and Mechanical Engineering: Camilla Betta
  • L-9 Wood Engineering: Elena Helfer
  • L-25 Agricultural and Agro-Environmental Sciences: Cinthia Sieder
  • LM-33 Industrial and Mechanical Engineering: Matteo Olivotto
  • LM-70 Food Sciences for Innovation and Authenticity: Giacomo Santinello
  • LM-73 Environmental Management of Mountain Areas EMMA: Felix Pitscheider

Design and Art

  • L-4 Design and Art: Luisa Maria Heindl
  • LM-12 Eco-Social Design: Janine Vorfeld

Lecturer's Committee of the PhD Programmes

  • Management and Economics: Peter Trümmel
  • Computer Science: ---
  • Advanced-Systems Engineering (ASE): ---
  • Mountain Environment and Agriculture (MEA): ---
  • Sustainable Energy and Technologies (SET): Federico Battini
  • Food Engineering and Biotechnology (FEB): ---
  • General Pedagogy, Social Pedagogy, General Education and Subject Didactics: Francesca Vergani

Studies Committee

Simon Wieser

Quality Committee

Josefina Sundblad

Evaluation Committee

Alessio Crea

Joint Studies Committee

  • Computer Science: Luca Taddeo
  • Design and Art: Josefina Sundblad
  • Economics and Management: Francesca Giacco
  • Education: Camilla Zorer
  • Science and Technology: Cinthia Sieder