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Study Guide

Issue of Certificates


In Italy certificates are always substituted by self-declarations when submitted to public administrations or to private managers of public services (Art. 15, law nr. 183, 12.11.2011). Italian public administrations cannot request nor accept certificates issued by other Italian public offices.

Citizens can use self-declarations instead of certificates, if destined for public administrations.

At unibz

unibz can issue certificates only in special cases. Students can use self-declarations as a substitute for certificates at all public administration offices in Italy. If both parties agree, self-declarations can also be used between private parties.

False declarations are considered a criminal offence!

Please use the pre-filled self-declarations: you just have to print them out, check the data and sign them!

Special cases

Certificates can be requested for the following uses only:

  • for private parties in Italy
  • for use abroad
  • for the Italian Police Headquarters/“Questura” for the issue/renewal of the permit to stay.

As established in the D.P.R. no. 642/1972 and following modifications, certificates and their applications for issue, require, from the origin, a current value duty stamp (16,00 Euro) to be affixed.

In the exemption cases contemplated by the law, the applicant does not have to affix the duty stamp on the application nor on the issued certificate. The applicant, upon submitting his/her request, must expressly indicate the use the certificate is destined to.

How to request a certificate

If you need a certificate (enrolment/exam certificate, final degree certificate with or without passed exams) for one of the reasons mentioned above, please use this form. If the certificate can be issued free from duty stamps, you will have to indicate in the form the use and the law reference which establishes the exemption.