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Equal Opportunities


Equal Opportunities Committee

The Equal Opportunities Committee (EOC) is an advisory committee that aims to promote and monitor effective equality for all members of the University community. Member of the Conferenza Nazionale degli organismi di parità delle Università italiane

If you feel discriminated directly or indirectly you can contact

Ethics Committee

The Ethics Committee ensures that the Code of Ethics is enforced. The Code of Ethics determines the fundamental values and rules of conduct for academic and administrative staff and students.

The Ethics Committee makes efforts to encourage the amicable settlement of conflicts and prevent illegal behaviour.


Confidential Counsellor

The confidential counsellor is a person from outside the University with documented preparation and human and professional experience, remains in office for three years and maintains relations with the Equal Opportunities Committee in a proactive way.

Dott. Chiara Bongiorno has been appointed as a confidential counsellor to unibz as of 1 February 2021 and can be contacted by sending an email to Depending on the need, consultations may take place by telephone or in person at the campuses in Bolzano, Bressanone or Brunico.

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Gender Equality Plan

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