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Recognition of internal unibz language exams (B1 - B2 - C1) to obtain the corresponding Bilingualism Exams

Recognize the internal exam to obtain the corresponding Bilingualism Certificate

If regularly enrolled students of unibz have taken and passed a language examination in Italian or German (B1, B2 or C1) in all four skills and  would like to apply for the exam to be recognized by the Bi- and Trilingualism Examination Service of the Autonomous Province of Bolzano, then it is now possible for them to do so:

  • Within one week after the results are published in Cockpit, you will receive a link to an Open Badge, issued by the Language Centre after having passed all of the exam modules.
  • You must have an account to be able to download the Open Badge from the Bestr platform. Please register if you do not have an account yet. 
  • Enter the link to your Open Badge and download the PDF with the details of your exam: the PDF document contains data for identification, language, level, date of the language exam and a verification code. See also the download instructions.
  • Attach the PDF to your application so that your language level can be recognized by the Service for Bi- and Trilingualism.

Important information

Open Badges have been issued for the language examinations of the Language Centre as from June 2018.

A certificate can still be issued upon request for any language exam before June 2018
To receive the certificate, you must send an email to indicating your name, date of birth, matriculation number, language and level of the exam for which you are requesting the certificate and that you need the certificate for the recognition by the Bi- and Trilingualism Examination Service. 

Open Badges can only be issued if you have passed all three modules of the language exam and you may not receive an Open Badge if you have only partially passed the language exam.
However, as soon as you have successfully passed all three exam modules, you will receive the above-mentioned link.

You may only submit your Open Badge for recognition of language examinations in German or Italian!

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