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Further information for students of the faculty of design and art

Info for students

Please always refer to the main page for the extensive information.

After the selection procedure, the International Relations office contacts the winners to provide further information about the study place.
If you have any questions about the deadlines and the forms to be submitted to the foreign university, please contact the International Relations office.

Before departure
and before submitting the Learning Agreement (online or on paper depending on the destination) you must choose the courses to be taken abroad. It is therefore necessary to check in the study plan that you still have free credits (mandatory, mandatory optional or free choice exams), bearing in mind that in accordance to the duration of your stay abroad you are supposed to acquire a minimum of ects (see the Regulation on the main page).

For a stay of 1 semester you must have pending exams for at least 20 ects in your study plan at unibz (the mimimum of ects you need for your learning agreement is 20).

The table at the end of the page shows the recognitions that have been made in the past for the various destinations.

For preliminary indications on the study plan and on the exams to be taken abroad, contact the Faculty Secretariat (Elena Ghizzo).

Afterwards you have to contact the professor/tutor in charge for your destination (he/she is responsible for the recognition) and submit your LA proposal to him/her (also providing him/her with the course contents, number of hours and credits).

Please note that in the new online procedure for the OLA the Faculty Secretariat is not involved in the workflow so please do not submit your OLA without  previous contact with the Faculty Secretariat and the academic tutor.

Only once you have clarified with both administrative and academic staff the details of your LA you are supposed to fill the OLA.

If, once at your destination, you need to make changes to your LA/OLA, you will have to fill in another document (the change of LA/OLA) in which you will have to indicate which courses you want to delete and which ones you want to add. In order to approve the new choice, you must provide, as for the LA, the course contents, the number of hours and the credits.


At the end of your period abroad, and after you have taken your exams, the host university will issue you with a Transcript of records (TOR).

Before you fill in your request of recognition: -> My area -> Student’s zone -> Exam recognition you have to send the TOR to the International Relations office to receive a stamp on it.

Afterwards you have to fill the page of mySNS with all the exams listed in your TOR and upload:

  • the signed LA,
  • the change of LA
  • and the TOR. (You must take abroad at least 10 of the 20 ECTS listed in your LA/change of LA).

Please make the request of recognition right after receiving the TOR.

Marks conversion table

List of course equivalence recognized in previous years