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Study Guide

Bachelor in Design and Art – Major in Design

Didactic offers

Didactic offer a.y. 2023/2024

Didactic offer a.y. 2023/2024

In case you need info concerning the didactic offer for students enrolled before the a.y. 2020/21 contact the Faculty Secretariat

Study plan

To complete their study plan students have to pass 5 workshop courses (the “Safety introduction workshop” is compulsory to access the workshop courses).

Course contents and examination modalities

The syllabi in which the offered courses are described can be viewed on the website under "Course Offering"

Mandatory language certifications in order register for the exams:

1st year students:

  • to register for the exam of a theoretical course (e.g. History of contemporary art, History of design) students must have a certified B1 level in the language in which the course is offered;
  • students can register for the exam of a practical course (e.g. Drawing, Studio, Project, Typography and Graphics…) also without the B1 certification in the course’s language.

From the 2nd year onwards, students must have a certified B1 level in the language in which the course is offered in order to register for any degree course exam.


The Additional Educational Obligations (OFA) are assigned to a freshman if any weakness is found in his/her basic education.

Additional Educational Obligations (OFA) in the third language must be fulfilled by all students who have not ceritfied level B1 in the third language.

In addition, applicants admitted to the BA who have achieved a score of less than 85 points in the selection procedure, will receive Additional Educational Obligations ("OFA").

The Additional Educational Obligations are defined before the beginning of the academic year in the Bachelor Study Council and published in the syllabi of the WUP Design and WUP Art projects.

The Additional Educational Obligations are also met by passing the WUP project examination. If you do not pass the WUP project exam, you will only be allowed to attend during the second semester language, workshop courses and the annual courses of the first year.


For more information concerning study plan, please contact Elena Ghizzo ( or Raffaella Fusina ( via e-mail, phone (0471/015004 -7) or Teams.