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COVID-19 and unibz | Information for students

Information on the 2020/21 second semester

22 February 2021 marks the beginning of the second semester of the 2020-21 academic year and we are preparing intensively for a partial resumption of face-to-face teaching. Following the local and national regulations that are currently in force and that have relaxed the health safety requirements in certain areas, please find below an overview of the measures that will apply from the start of the new year, provided that the pandemic situation and the legal requirements will not make further adjustments necessary.

Teaching activity

The teaching activities in the second semester 2020-21 will be carried out in compliance with the modalities established at the beginning of the winter semester. The Faculties of Education, Design and Arts as well as Science and Technology will have the additional option of bringing forward the start of face-to-face lectures to 7 January 2021. In this case, students will receive direct information from their faculties about the possibility of attending face-to-face lectures.

Exams and intensive language courses

All the exams, including those at the Language Center, will take place exclusively online until the end of the first semester.

The intensive language courses scheduled in February will be carried out in blended form: the courses for the lower levels will be held face-to-face while those for the higher levels will be offered as online courses. Exact details will follow with a separate communication from the Language Center.

University Library

The University Library will re-open on 4 January 2021 with restrictions.


The canteen is scheduled to re-open at the beginning of February, depending on the pandemic situation.


The Fablab will re-open on 7 January from 12:30 a.m. - 7:30 p.m. for unibz members and the general public. Each day, up to twelve interested people can register online and access the services.

Task Force

If you have any questions about the measures adopted to prevent and manage the epidemiological emergency, please refer to the Task Force (e-mail:; phone: +39 0471 011 119) that will be available to provide support.

Frequently Asked Questions

Update of 13 November 2020


All lectures and teaching activities take place only online, including those that have taken place on campus at the beginning of the semester.

Teaching activities also include the preparation of the final thesis, laboratories and practical exercises which must also be carried out online.

Field trips can take place provided that

  • local, national and foreign laws permit this; and
  • strict security measures are observed.


All exams are held online, regardless of whether the lectures were on campus or online, in accordance with the methods and rules laid down in the attached annex.

Admission exams are also held online.


Graduation exams and the awarding of the titles take place online.

Bachelor graduation exams of the Faculty of Science and Technology take place, in deviation from the current regulations, without discussion of the final theses.


Internships take place in teleworking, in mixed form or on site.

Internships can take place on site provided that

  • local, national and foreign laws permit this; and
  • strict security measures are observed.

For those internships which are intended for teacher training, the type and content of possible substitute activities are determined by the respective study course councils.

Language courses and exams

All language courses and all language tests take place exclusively online.

Office hours

Office hours take place exclusively online.

The provisions in question, which differ from those currently in force at unibz, will come into force on 4 November 2020 and replace those of Rector's Decree no. 1132/2020 of 25 September 2020 and will be effective for the duration of the aggravated Covid 19 health emergency, on the basis of the relevant legal provisions at national and local level (the so-called "red zone"). In any case, they are in force until 13 February 2021 at the latest (duration of Rector's Decree No. 1132/2020).

At the end of the aggravated health emergency of Covid-19, the provisions of Rector's Decree No. 1132/2020 shall again apply with regard to classroom teaching, as defined in the previous paragraph, with the exception of Articles 5 - Exams, 7 - Internships and 8 - Language courses and language exams of the said Decree, which shall be replaced in full by Articles 2 - Exams, 4 - Internships and 5 - Language courses and language exams of the present Decree.

Rector's Decree 1362/2020

Annex 1

Measures for prevention and containment of the SARS-CoV-2 contagion risk in the resuming of presential lectures (Phase 3)

unibz is preparing to resume in-presence teaching activities for the first semester of the upcoming 2020-2021 academic year, in compliance with the directions provided by the public health authorities and in line with the instructions given by the provincial authorities and by the ministry of health, in accordance with the procedures provided by the CRUI and with the internal security protocols designed for containing and preventing the spread of SARS-CoV-2 virus.

These measures will cover the winter semester 2020-2021 and might be adapted to epidemiological developments and the relevant legal requirements.

unibz has identified three fundamental principles for the planning and organization of the next academic year:

  • maximum protection of the health of students and of all the teaching and technical-administrative staff;
  • full awareness of the value of in-presence teaching as the heart of the university experience;
  • granting the right to study and equal opportunities to all the students.

In phase 3, that covers the first semester of the academic year 2020-2021, lectures will be offered in presence, online or in blended form (in university classrooms and simultaneously online). All students will thus have the opportunity to follow the lectures, even if they cannot be physically present at the university. Particular attention is paid to international students who cannot travel and to students from other regions as well as to students with special health conditions, for whom resuming of in-presence activities is not recommended.

Please find below the operational safety instructions for the students' return to the classroom.