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COVID-19 and unibz | Information for students

Information on the 2021/22 first semester

Decree Law no. 111 dated 6 August 2021 and the Emergency Measure of the President of the Provincial Government No. 29 of 27.08.2021 introduce new measures to prevent Covid-19 infection, making the COVID-19 green certification (green pass) mandatory on university campuses.

As a result, from 1 September 2021 the following groups of people must possess a green pass and are required to show it on request:

  1. University staff (lecturers, including contract lecturers, technical-administrative staff, seconded staff, postgraduates, postdoctoral fellows, trainees, contract workers, Visiting Professors and Visiting Researchers, members of committees and bodies)
  2. University students, including PhD students and foreign students involved in international exchange projects
  3. External visitors

The provisions concerning the green pass do not apply to persons exempted from this vaccination requirement on the basis of a specific medical certification issued by their Primary Care physician in accordance with the Ministry of Health circular of 4 August 2021; to these people we strongly recommend regular testing for the Sars-CoV-2 virus.

The following persons may receive a green pass:

  • Vaccinated persons: valid from the 15th day after the first dose and until the second dose; thereafter, valid for 270 days after the second dose.
  • Healed persons: valid for 180 days.
  • Tested persons: valid for 48 hours after having tested negative to a PCR or antigen test.

We list below a number of updated measures relating to the resumption of teaching activities in the winter semester 2021-22.

Access to the premises and presence at University

All the above-mentioned persons wishing to access the Free University of Bozen/Bolzano will have to show the green certificate at the entrance on request.

The Green Pass control takes place at the entrance of the respective main building or at the Welcome Desk in the NOI Techpark. To avoid large gatherings of people, each study program is assigned its own exit at fixed times. These times must be strictly observed. 

Access to the university buildings is not allowed if a person shows flu-like symptoms (body temperature higher than 37.5 degrees Celsius, sore throat, runny nose, cough, shortness of breath, nausea, etc.). In this case, the person concerned is required to stay at home and immediately inform his/her family doctor. If the symptoms described above occur while the person concerned is at unibz, he/she must report immediately to the Personnel Office for administrative staff and keep a distance of at least 1 meter from other people. 

All safety precautions to reduce the risk of infection must be strictly observed. These include the obligation to wear surgical masks and to follow distance and hygiene regulations. To this end we have set up general rules of conduct, measures for the beginning of the teaching activities and rules of conduct for access to laboratories. 

For external visitors and suppliers, separate access forms are to be used for traceability. The safety precautions to be complied with in research laboratories will be announced with a separate notice.

Teaching activity

The trend of the COVID-19 pandemic has forced us, in line with universities worldwide, to severely limit face-to-face teaching during the last year: lectures for first-year students were held in hybrid form; all other lectures were held online, except for classes involving practical training and laboratory activities, which were held face-to-face due to the teaching content and methodology.

Students and lecturers are convinced that face-to-face teaching is an added value. For the winter semester 2021-22 we are therefore planning to extend face-to-face teaching to students enrolled in the higher years. In doing so, we will follow all relevant safety protocols. Students will be able to attend face-to-face classes through a controlled-access system. We will also rely on the hybrid learning or distance learning option should this be necessary from a logistical point of view or appropriate for educational reasons.

Detailed information on face-to-face attendance possibilities will be provided by the faculties in due time.

Office hours for students are generally held in presence, subject to appropriate reservation of the rooms and to compliance with the security measures.

Responsibilities in classrooms and research laboratories

The lecturers and researchers are responsible for compliance with the safety measures in the classrooms during lectures and in the research laboratories. Safety measures include wearing mouth and nose protection, keeping the safety distance and avoiding large gatherings of people.

Face-to-face lectures are held if the lecturer in charge of the classroom is present. If for whatever reason a lecturer cannot be present in the classroom he/she will be substituted by another lecturer.

Emergency plan

In order to prevent large gatherings of people, unibz has regulated the entrances and exits in such a way as to comply with the regulations regarding the number of people in the various rooms. Students are admitted to the university buildings at staggered times so as to ensure that the students are led in groups on short routes and they can reach the classrooms directly and following an intuitive guidance system.

Travel abroad by students, graduates, PhD students and trainees

As the Covid-19 health emergency persists and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation has issued a travel alert we recommend that you avoid traveling abroad unless it is strictly necessary. We’d suggest that those wishing to undertake an outgoing mobility program consider the option of starting it in virtual mode, from Italy or from their own domicile, provided that this is compatible with the teaching/working organization of the host institution.

If traveling is unavoidable, please make sure you are informed about any quarantine periods and security measures in force in the host country and of possible transport interruptions or cancellations that might occur at the time of your return to Italy. In all the cases when a trip cannot be postponed the traveler must sign a release form, which will be provided by the competent offices

Research activities in the field

Research activities in the field that are considered essential and cannot be postponed can be carried out under strict safety precautions.

Meetings of the governing bodies

The meetings of the governing bodies can be held in presence, in compliance with the applicable security measures and distance rules, and/or remotely.

Relationships with the public and front-office service

The relationship with the public and the front-office service are guaranteed with a mixed form of online and offline opening hours. If physical presence on site is required, please make an appointment. Please continue to prefer the use of digital and telephone contact options.

The delivery of documents by external persons (e.g. future lecturers and contract researchers) can be organized through the Welcome Desk.

University Library

Users who possess the green pass may enter the university library in compliance with current security measures. This applies to the study spaces as well as to all other library services (loaning/returning, printing/copying/scanning, etc.). A prior reservation is not necessary; during opening hours, the library can be entered and left at any time. The number of study places is limited; once the maximum number has been reached, no more places will be assigned.

University Canteen

All members of the university community may sit at the canteen tables to eat upon showing a valid green pass and in accordance with the current security measures.


Access to the fablab is allowed during opening hours to all members of the university community and third parties who possess the green pass and have registered via the fablab website.

Task Force

If you have any questions about the measures adopted to prevent and manage the epidemiological emergency, please refer to the Task Force (e-mail: ; phone: +39 0471 011 119), that will be available to provide support.

Sources and records

All the regulations and useful documents on this topic can also be found on the UHB.

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