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COVID-19 and unibz | Information for students

Information on the 2020/21 second semester

The teaching activities for the second semester of the 2020-2021 academic year begin on 22 February 2021. Please find below the security measures that have been put in place to counter the epidemiological emergency that is still persisting.

Teaching activity

All lectures will be delivered online only until 28 February 2021. Starting from 1 March 2021, the lectures of first-year-students will again take place in hybrid format, i.e. both in attendance and online. The lectures including lectures with practical exercises and the laboratory activities of the Faculty of Science and Technology, the Faculty of Design and Arts and the Faculty of Education, too, will take place in attendance due to the specific contents and methods of teaching.

The lectures of the 5th study year of the Master in Primary Education will be fully offered online. In return, 6 lectures of other study programmes chosen by the Dean of the Faculty of Education will take place both in attendance and online.

Teaching activities of First or Second Cycle Master programmes and of teachers’ training programmes are delivered both in attendance and online. All other lessons for advanced semesters will take place exclusively online.

Detailed information will be provided by the faculties in due time.

Detailed information on lectures, exams, final exams and internships can be found in the Rector's Decree.

Language courses and exams

Language courses take place online. Language exams for students will be held - where possible - in person.

Access to the premises and presence at University

In principle, the University will be closed to the public and also to students from 11 February 2021 to 28 February 2021. In accordance with the Emergency Measure of the President of the Provincial Government No. 6/2021 of 06.02.2021, issuing urgent measures for the prevention and management of the epidemiological emergency due to COVID-19, teaching, research and administrative activities will be switched to online mode for the above period (where possible).

In the case of necessities which are absolutely not postponable, teaching, research and administrative staff as well as PhD students may come to unibz in agreement with their respective supervisors and in compliance with strict security guidelines, including the obligation to wear masks and to follow the distance and hygiene rules. Please air the office regularly and avoid using it together with other people at the same time. If you experience any symptoms, please stay at home and contact your family doctor and the University COVID Task Force.

For better protection against the virus, we recommend that you wear an FFP-2 mask. FFP-2 masks are provided to staff members who are in contact with the public and to researchers who work in the research laboratories via the Facility Management Service. General rules of conduct and specific ones for access to the laboratories are available.

The safety precautions to be applied in the research laboratories will be announced in a separate communication.

Epidemiological conditions permitting, access to university buildings will be made available to all members of the university community, including visiting researchers and professors with unibz campus cards, from 1 March 2021.

Emergency plan

In order to prevent unibz from becoming a source of danger for the university community and for the entire province of South Tyrol, unibz has regulated the flow of people inside the university buildings and at the entrances and exits in such a way as to avoid large gatherings of people and to comply with the regulations regarding the number of people in the various rooms. Students are admitted at the various entrances to the university buildings at staggered times, so as to ensure that the fever measurement is carried out quickly and smoothly and that the students are led in cohorts on short and comprehensible routes and they can reach the classrooms directly and following an intuitive guidance system. Therefore, these groups are relatively compact and can be well isolated in the case of a COVID-19 case without having to close the entire university building.

Responsibilities in classrooms and research laboratories

The lecturers and researchers are responsible for compliance with the safety measures in the classrooms during lectures and in the research laboratories. Safety measures include wearing mouth and nose protection, keeping the safety distance and avoiding large gatherings of people.

Face-to-face lectures are held if the lecturer in charge of the classroom is present. If for whatever reason a lecturer cannot be present in the classroom he/she will be substituted by another lecturer.

Conferences and workshops

Conferences and workshops can only be offered in digital format.

Travel abroad by students, graduates, PhD students and trainees

As the COVID-19 health emergency persists and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation has issued a travel alert we recommend that you avoid traveling abroad unless it is strictly necessary. We’d suggest that those wishing to undertake an outgoing mobility program consider the option of starting it in virtual mode, from Italy or from their own domicile, provided that this is compatible with the teaching/working organization of the host institution.

If traveling is unavoidable, please make sure you are informed about any quarantine periods and security measures in force in the host country and of possible transport interruptions or cancellations that might occur at the time of your return to Italy. In all the cases when a trip cannot be postponed the traveler must sign a release form, which will be provided by the competent offices.

Research activities in the field

Research activities in the field that are considered essential and cannot be postponed can be carried out under strict safety precautions.

Relationships with the public and front-office service

The relationship with the public and the front-office service are carried out exclusively in remote mode until 28 February 2021 inclusive.

The delivery of documents by external persons (e.g. future lecturers and contract researchers) should be organised through the Welcome Desk.

Internships at unibz

Internships will continue or start only remotely (where possible) until 28 February 2021 inclusive.

University Library

Access to the university library is permitted up to and including 28 February 2021 only for the time needed to collect/return media and subject to prior reservation.


For the time being, the UniBar at the Bozen-Bolzano campus will offer a take-away service until 28 February 2021.


The Fablab is closed until 28 February 2021 inclusive.


If you have any questions about the measures adopted to prevent and manage the epidemiological emergency, please refer to the Task Force (e-mail: ; phone: +39 0471 011 119), that will be available to provide support.

Sources and records

All the regulations and useful documents on this topic can also be found on the UHB.

These measures will apply to the whole 2020/2021 summer semester (or where expressly provided for up to 28 February 2021) and may be adapted according to the epidemiological developments and new legal provisions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Rector's Decree 218/21

Attachment to the Rector's Decree

Measures for prevention and containment of the SARS-CoV-2 contagion risk in the resuming of presential lectures (Phase 3)

unibz has identified three fundamental principles for the planning and organization of the next academic year:

  • maximum protection of the health of students and of all the teaching and technical-administrative staff;
  • full awareness of the value of in-presence teaching as the heart of the university experience;
  • granting the right to study and equal opportunities to all the students.

In order to ensure that the activities can be carried out safely and in view of the limited number of available seats, priority for in-presence lectures is given to freshmen as they most need it in order to best profit from the study and to laboratory activities as well as to exercises and experiential activities. As for the other students, in order to reduce the risk of large gatherings of people, distance learning will be carried out through innovative communication and e-learning systems specifically designed for lecturers.

To this purpose, unibz is arranging for appropriate logistic measures and shifts systems in order to ensure that safety distances are respected. In order to attain these results, the University is working to improve the technological equipment of the classrooms and laboratories so that the new teaching methods can best be supported. At the same time unibz has planned special training courses for lecturers to foster the development of innovative high-quality teaching.