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Multilingual Communication Sciences

This degree course is expiring. Please see the new Bachelor in Communication Sciences and Culture.

Director of the Degree Course: Prof. Dorothy Louise Zinn

The Bachelor in Multilingual Communication aims to create graduates skilled in managing organisational and communication activities for national and international public and private institutions and NPOs as well as in managing information in libraries.

The strengths and unique characteristics of the Bachelor in Multilingual Communication, as opposed to other Communication Studies courses that exist in Italy and abroad, which tend to concentrate on journalism and media studies, are its multilingual approach, its focus on communicative and inter-relational skills in dealings with people and cultures, and its fostering of personnel development in groups and organizations. Lectures and exams take place in German, Italian and English.

The degree is divided into three sections:

Expert in Lifelong Education and Personnel Management

Career prospects: Personnel manager in educational and training establishments; Planning and assessment of training and other courses for a wide range of age and target groups; Personnel development manager in public, private and non-profit organisations; Communications and marketing manager in public, private and non-profit organisations in multilingual contexts.
Core subjects: Organisation of communicative processes in various training contexts; Lifelong Learning: planning and assessment of training courses; Management of interpersonal and intercultural relations; Group pedagogy; Advising, supervision and coaching; Principles of lifelong learning and personnel enrichment; Language teaching and learning throughout life.

Cultural and Non-profit Management 

Career prospects: PR and internal and external communications manager in non-profit, cultural and training organisations as well as in public administration; Internal organisation coordinator and manager in non-profit, cultural and training organisations; Marketing and fundraising manager; Advertising manager; Cultural events manager; Sports events manager; Personnel development manager and expert in conflict management.    
Core subjects: Ethnography of communication in multilingual and multicultural contexts; Sociology of economic and labour relations; Project management of cultural events; Cultural and entertainment economics; Resource management in non-profit organizations; Marketing and event management; Conflict management.

Library Management

Career prospects: Expert in digital information systems and text, picture, audio and video management in public libraries, school libraries, scientific libraries, in public administration, interactive museums, private companies, cultural organisations, and non-profit organisations.   
Core subjects: Languages for specific subjects and purposes;  Introduction to databases; Internet technologies; Digital libraries; Pedagogy and promotion of reading; Comparative literature for children and teenagers; Strategies and methods for developing library systems.  

Zulassungsordnung-Regolamento d'ammissione

Studienordnung-Ordinamento didattico DM 270

Studiengangsregelung-Regolamento didattico DM 270

Studienordnung-Ordinamento didattico DM 509

Studiengagsregelung-Regolamento didattico DM 509

Praktikumsregelung-Regolamento di Tirocinio

Workshopordnung-Regolamento Workshop DM 270

Workshopordnung-Regolamento Workshop DM 509

Primary Education (before DM 509/1999)

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